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The collection consists of books, serials, on-line resources and audio-visual materials in Medicine and Science & Technology (such as various fields of Engineering, Biotechnology, Materials Sciences, etc.) Full bibliographical record of the collection is accessible through AIMST Library Catalogue.

There are six categories of the collection:

  1. Open Shelf Book

This collection mainly supports the teaching, learning and research for both staff and students. This collection consists of additional references and leisure reading books.

  1. Red Spot Book

This collection consists of prescribed and recommended textbooks or essential text recommended by Academic Staff. The identifications for this collection are with a Red Spot Label on the spine of the book.

  1. Reference Book

Reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, handbooks, manuals are not to be circulated.

  1. Periodicals

Periodicals are items published on a periodical basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). AIMST Library subscribes to periodicals pertaining to subject taught in AIMST as well as those for leisure reading. AIMST Library also subscribes local newspapers namely The New Straits Times, The Star and Utusan Malaysia.

  1. Electronic databases

AIMST Library provides access to various databases on specific fields mainly medicine, engineering and applied sciences. These databases can only be viewed by registered users.

  1. Audio-Visual Materials
This collection consists of audiocassettes, videotapes and CDs.