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The AIMST Library is a key academic section, which provides information on every subject area and studies available in the University. It is one of the few private academic libraries in Malaysia to combine the disciplines of Medicine and Science & Technology. It works within a computerized environment for it to be effective and efficient in its overall services.  The library is committed to set trends in providing a range of services and technologies which facilitates access, retrieval and interpretation of knowledge irrespective of the nature and location of the information sources. AIMST Library remains a repository for knowledge; a link for people to the information they require; adds value to activities of Faculties and the Foundation Centre; supports teaching, learning and research; respond to current needs and at the same time interprets and provides for future needs.

AIMST Library is also a member of the Penang Library Network and the Medical Librarian Group, under the patron of the Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia.

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