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Library Rules and Regulations
  1. Users must display their valid ID cards and properly attired (as stated in the University’s Dress Code Rules) when entering and using the Library. The Library staff and the security guards have the right to exclude anyone who failed to do so from entering and using the Library.

  2. Users must place their bags and belongings at the Bag Area in the 1st Floor. If users wish to use the locked lockers, they may obtain the keys from the Circulation Counter. The Library will not responsible for materials lost, stolen or damaged while stored in the lockers. The penalty of RM10.00 will be imposed to those who bring their bags and other inappropriate belongings to the Library Reading Areas.

  3. Smoking, eating, drinking (except mineral or plain water), and sleeping are forbidden in the Library.

  4. Talking loudly is forbidden in the Library.

  5. Hand phones should be switched off or set to silent ring mode. Users must go outside the Library when making or answering call.

  6. Users are encouraged to place the book(s) on the assigned trolleys once they have finished reading them.

  7. All users are to produce their ID card when borrowing library materials.

  8. Users must always hand their returns to a member of the staff at the Circulation Counter.

  9. Users caught damaging or stealing library materials will be sent to the Discipline Board.

  10. Users are not allowed to remove or to change the arrangement of chairs and tables in the Library.

  11. Library staff and the security guard have the right to ask any user who is causing a disturbance to leave the Library.

  12. Each user is held responsible for all items borrowed. Item(s) should be returned before or on the date due. Fines will be imposed to users (regardless of the status) who failed to return the item(s) on time.

  13. Loss of books must be immediately reported to the library staff. If the item is confirmed lost, user needs to pay the total overdue fines and the current cost of the book, and a processing fee of RM15.00 per volume; or the total overdue fines and replacement of book and a processing fee of RM15.00 per volume.

  14. Users who are using any Library facilities need to follow the rules and procedures accordingly.

  15. Academic or Non-Academic staff that resigned, or are on study leave are required to return all materials borrowed to the Library.

  16. Writing in or scoring books is strictly forbidden.

  17. Accessing undesirable Internet sites, playing games, chatting, downloading and circulating undesirable materials are strictly prohibited.

  18. The Head of the Library or the Library Officers are authorised to suspend the library privileges to the users and to impose appropriate penalties for breaching the rules and regulations.

  19. The Head of the Library has the right to revise the rules and regulations as and when necessary.