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  1. OPAC and Web-OPAC

AIMST Library Online Public Access Catalogue is Internet-based. It is a state-of-the-art system developed by the Paradigm Systems and a group of experts in Library Science and Information Studies from the MARA University of Technology. It provides access to the Library’s collection and via ID and Password; users can check their account information.

  1.  Circulation Counter Services

These services include charging and discharging, renewal and reservation of materials.

Loan eligibility varies depending on the user status. Users may renew their loaned materials to extend the loan period unless a hold has been placed by another user. Users may reserve materials that are circulated to another user through Web-OPAC. As availability of materials depends on promptness of the original borrower, availability by the designated date cannot be guaranteed by the library.

Please take note that the circulation counter services start half an hour after the opening hours and end half an hour before the closing hours.
  1. User Education Programme

The librarian conducts User Education Programme for new students during the Orientation Week. This is to give new students knowledge on the arrangement of the collections and general policies of the library. This is normally followed by instructional session on the use of OPAC and Web-OPAC. Other User Education Programme pertaining to information seeking skills and the use of databases are also available upon request.

  1. Interlibrary loan and Document Delivery

This service is available for resources not owned by AIMST Library. It is open to all AIMST registered users.  Details of the required resources must be stated on the request form which may be obtained from the librarian. The delivery of the materials depends on the promptness of the participating library in responding to the request. Requestors are billed for the cost of the materials plus a service charge determined by the participating libraries.

  1. Online Databases

AIMST Library provides access to various databases on specific fields mainly medicine, engineering and applied sciences. These databases can only be viewed by registered users.

Subscribed databases are strictly available for AIMST Library users only. However, there is also some free online databases available pertaining to various subject of interest.