Centre for Postgraduate Studies

Research Methods, Statistics and Ethics Course


Research Methods, Statistics and Ethics (RM 42301)

Credits - 3


Course synopsis:

This course is designed to help the students to acquire core knowledge in research methods, statistics and ethics. This course covers the various research methodologies that are relevant at postgraduate level. In addition, the course will focus on providing a practical understanding of several statistical tools used in analyzing data. The emphasis will be on knowing when to use the various tests, what they measure, and how to interpret results. The topics also include how to use software for literature search and writing research papers. Ethical and safety issues related to research will also be addressed.

Module 1: Research Methods

Module 2: Statistics

Module 3: Scientific writing

Module 4: Research Ethics



Must have qualified for progression to Year 2 in MSc., Human Anatomy/ MSc., Medical Physiology course

None for other PG programs


Course Learning Outcomes:

CLO1: Choose the suitable research methods by applying a critical and analytical approach to solve problems or issues related to the field of study

CLO2: Identify the methods for data analyses from a broad range of information, media and technology applications to support the research study.

CLO3: Propose the research study by applying the concepts of research methods professionally and ethically

Mode of Assessment:

Course Work:


Test / Assignment / Presentation (CLO1)

50 %

Assignment / Portfolio (CLO2)


Essay / Assignment / Presentation (CLO3)