Welcome to AIMST! In this site you will get to know AIMST’s story better – its history, evolution and its onward march to becoming a premier university in the country and beyond. You will also get acquainted with our programmes, courses and our professors and lecturers.

These will help you know who we are and what we stand for. Our achievements have been no less due to the vision of our founding father, Tun Samy Vellu. His vision to offer quality yet affordable tertiary education in sciences and management still drives our efforts.

The guidance of the Board of Directors is equally instrumental, as is the dedicated and talented faculty, in our quest to be a university of international repute.To our incoming students, we say you have made the right choice to pursue your studies in this fine institution.

Amid a sprawling 230-acre suburban setting, AIMST offers a conducive place for study and research. In the course of your studies we shall equip you with the 21st-century skillsets you would require in a gradually digitalising world. This would necessarily include leadership and critical thinking skills.

We shall imbue in you the core values that the university stands for – integrity, respect, excellence, and service. These skills and values should put you in good stead for a successful career.

In addition, we are not only known for our teaching excellence, we are also a reputed research driven university which can be observed through our extensive scholarly publications, our award winning innovations, patents, our collaborative network with top universities worldwide as well as industries and our external research grants from various funding agencies, locally and abroad, including those from the industry.

While you are here with us, please take every opportunity to learn both inside and outside the classroom. Our professors and lecturers are here to offer the best education. Network with your colleagues as well. They will not only help you with your studies, they will also prove invaluable in providing you support after graduation. And please do take advantage of our expansive sports facilities. Stay healthy and safe.

To our graduating students we say “Congratulations!” We hope that we have repaid the trust you, your parents and the larger society have reposed in us. Please let us know how we can further improve the quality of our education. And please let others know how great we are!

As you finish one school and head towards the ‘school of hard knocks’, be assured that we have prepared you for the challenging yet exciting future ahead. Believe in yourself, and believe God throughout the rest of your journey of life.

To our alumni, we owe you an eternal debt of gratitude. You continue to hold high the torch of excellence, whose flames we had ignited while at AIMST. You make us proud. We look forward to your continued support in our pursuit to international fame and high esteem of our society.

Our best wishes to you all!


Vice-Chancellor & Chief Executive