3 ways Malaysia can join the ranks of 30 largest economies

A study of the wealthiest nations suggests three important strategies for Malaysia to become among […]

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Madani will make us competitive, but more awareness needed

The transformational potential of values within institutions and nations, with examples such as Paul O’Neil’s […]

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We need to make our windmill of competitiveness turn faster

Boosting Malaysia’s competitiveness is of utmost importance, and the government aims to address this by […]

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Honouring mothers reinforces our belief in service, compassion

Mother’s Day is a momentous occasion that unites families, organisations, and governments in paying tribute […]

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Appearances can be deceiving, so it’s unlikely dollar will wane in significance

Despite some predictions that the US dollar’s dominance will decline in the future, this is […]

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Five strategies to boost entrepreneurial behaviour

With their business acumen and innovative products, entrepreneurs add value to people’s welfare through job […]

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Governance, Innovation and Digitalisation

Governance, economic transformation and digitalisation of the Malaysian economy are three areas for transformation that […]

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What you can do to get a good night’s rest

What you can do to get a good night’s rest? Get the answers by reading […]

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Beef up Health Systems

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the healthcare approaches of patients and medical practitioners. Hence, we […]

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Drawing lessons from Covid pandemic

Many experts expect Covid-19 to become endemic when its presence becomes steady in a region, […]

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China’s growth will cushion against downturn in Malaysia

With the relaxation of Covid restrictions, ease of financing for its beleaguered property sector, and […]

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2022’s big lesson: We need each other

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, containing the spread of Covid-19, and the outcome of the […]

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