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a female doctor caring for a boy patient on bed


Certificate in Healthcare Assistant

Name of Programme: Certificate in Healthcare Assistant
Duration: 3 months (2 months theory & 1 month practical – on campus)

Overview of the programme
This programme aims to train support staff in healthcare settings to carry out basic patient care activities under the guidance of qualified healthcare professionals. Additionally, participants will learn to assist medical and nursing personnel, such as medical doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals, in their tasks.

Objectives of the programme
To prepare Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) with the basic healthcare skills required to provide safe and competent care to patients, families, and communities.

Prerequisite/Entry requirements
Candidates must have completed SPM or its equivalent or have relevant working experience in any healthcare setting.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certification course, learners will be able to:

  • Acquire basic healthcare knowledge and skills to become competent care assistants capable of meeting basic healthcare needs.
  • Communicate effectively with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals to develop therapeutic relationships and facilitate teamwork.


    Fee : RM5,000
    Class commencement: 1st August 2024

    Job Placement :
    Woodlands Health Campus Singapore
    Putra Medical Centre (PMC) Alor Setar
    AGECOPE – Nationwide
    HOMAGE – Online platform in KL, Johor, Penang, and Kedah

    Financing : Self financing or sponsorship


    Certificate in Healthcare Assistant

    Training Methodology:

    • Lecture, tutorial, practical demonstration, role-play, individual and group presentation & class discussion – 196 hours
    • Self-learning time (SLT) – 38 hours
    • Examination – 6 hours [Total : 240 hours]
    • Clinical Placement – Minimum: 160 hours : In-campus

    Assessment and Examination:

    • This Certificate of Healthcare Assistant course subjected to Summative Assessment consisting of final theory examination and Practical Assessment comprising of log book, clinical evaluation and OSCE examination.
    • The participants have to undergo one month clinical skills to prepare themselves to work in primary and community healthcare setting.

1st and 2nd Month

HCAC 001 Basic Patient Care : Theory- 84 hrs, Practical- 56 hours & SLT -38 hours

  • Principle and concepts in caring patients.
  • Role and responsibilities of a Healthcare Assistant.
  • Providing basic health care in meeting clients’ needs, which includes:
    • Safety needs
    • Principles of body mechanics
    • Positioning, lifting and moving Patient
    • Comfort needs
    • Hygiene needs
    • Nutritional needs
    • Elimination needs
    • Observation skill
    • Admission, discharge and transfer
    • Preparation of the patient for operation
    • Care of terminally ill
    • First Aid and CPR
    • Collection of specimens
    • Basic pharmacology & drug dispensing

1st and 2nd Month

HCAC 002 Introduction to Human Body: Theory 28 hours

  • Introduction to Human Body:
    • The Integumentary System
    • The Skeletal System
    • The Cardiovascular System
    • The Respiratory System
    • The Digestive System
    • The Urinary System
    • The Endocrine System
    • The Nervous System
    • The Special Senses
    • The Reproductive System
  • Medical Terminologies
  • Introduction to Infection/Infection control

1st and 2nd Month

HCAC 003 Behavioral Science: Theory 28 hours

  • Communication Skills
  • Human and Public Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Concepts of Caring
  • Corporate Culture
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Medico Legal Aspects
  • Counter service/dealing with patients & PAP

3rd Month

HCAC 004 Clinical Practice: 4 weeks (Minimum of 40 hours/week)

  • Clinical practice at AIMST Nursing Clinical Skills Lab