Inbound Mobility Programme

Inbound Mobility Programme collage photos from AIMST


Study Visit Programme offers students to gain experience as an intern with great opportunity to handle project or assignment which are relevant to the student’s area of studies at their home university.

It offers hands-on experience and learned on how their course of study can be applied to the real world, built the valuable experience to become a stronger candidate for jobs after graduation. It will also give the opportunity to get connected and develop a professional network as the transition into fulltime position.

Intake is open throughout the year and the duration of the study visit can be for a minimum of one (1) month to six (6) months.


Semester Study Abroad

Study Abroad programme offers an excellent on-campus life in with an international exposure mixed of multicultural and multi-races environment.

Credits will be awarded to students who have successfully completed the courses. However, the credit transfer options and policies may vary among universities and student is required to refer to their home university prior to applying for the programme.

The admission is according to every semester intake date and the duration of the study can be for a minimum of one (1) semester to one (1) year.


English Enrichment Programme

This English Enrichment Programme (EEP) is designed to help participants to build their language proficiency and communicative skills in order to function effectively in the social and academics contexts at the foundation level.

The programme is conducted through the use of communicative tasks where essential language skills of listening, speaking and writing are taught with correct grammar and vocabulary. Topics of general and contemporary interest are used to encourage learners’ participation.

The admission is according to every semester intake date and the duration of the course is 2 months (8 weeks).


Global Immersion Programme

This Global Immersion Programme (GIP) is designed to provide participants to gain global and regional knowledge with regard to across borders of business environment and to understand the current challenges through sharing of thoughts and experiences from academic and industry practitioners.

It involves participant engagements through the seminar, workshop, tutorial and presentation which encompassing from various angles and perspectives from corporate and entrepreneurial aspects. It will be blended with industrial visits at local and multinational companies in Malaysia.

The admission is according to the intake date and the duration of the programme is 2 weeks.