A search for better mask in battling COVID-19






Testing Efficacy of Face Masks with Smoke: A search for better mask in battling COVID-19

Researchers from the Faculty of Allied Health Professions (FAHP) AIMST University Malaysia in collaboration with industrial partner 3Cs Medical have conducted experimental testing of the effectiveness of different face masks for healthcare workers in preventing the virus transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video, researchers have demonstrated the efficacy of using smoke test by comparing three types of face masks, namely surgical mask, N95 respirator mask and Lekad mask.

Undeniably, the N95 respirator mask is a gold standard face mask recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for healthcare workers. However, this collaborative research has proven Lekad mask is a promising solution to serve humanity in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. In conclusion, AIMST University Malaysia and 3Cs Medical researchers have proved the novel Lekad mask provides a near-perfect fit and has minimum leakage.

Please watch the video on ‘Comparing Lekad mask with other masks’ at https://youtu.be/XD5tHG9pSVk