The Hottest AI Skills to Have in 2023

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The latest version of ChatGPT – the revolutionary AI chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022, has taken the world by storm.

Hot on the heels of ChatGPT’s raging popularity, most technical institutions have introduced certain specialisations in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Query, Data science etc in their latest curriculum.

According to TechCrunch, user spending on AI-powered applications has increased by over 4,000%. Consequently, in the digital age, having a bachelor’s degree in computer science can open the way to a successful, creative, and stimulating technological role with lucrative packages.


AI-focused Roles

With the rise of AI-focused roles such as Data Scientists, Technology Business Analysts, Machine Learning Specialists, and Robotic Process Automation Engineers, developing expertise in areas like AI programming, mathematical fundamentals with statistics, computing concepts such as programming language, and neural networks is crucial for a successful career in the modern world of Artificial Intelligence.


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The Most In-Demand AI Skills and Qualifications

A Bachelor’s of Computer Science provides a firm grasp of the aspects, concepts, and doctrines underpinning computer and software systems. These include Artificial Intelligence Applications and Natural Language Processing.

It’s also pertinent to have a working knowledge of programming languages like Python/Java/C++/ Scala, R, and SQL, as well as hands-on experience with tools like Pandas and NumPy. Though AI with low-code or no code is getting popular reviews, businesses with AI teams demand custom made systems to achieve their goals. For this, one of these programming languages needs to be learned.

ML algorithms transform data into a model. It is a must have skill for AI professionals as it solves regression and classification problems. Very good understanding of Mathematics and Statistics can help to analyse and understand the data better.

A neural network is a computing system designed to imitate the way the human brain works. It teaches the computer to process data in the same way that a human can think and use it to develop in-depth learning algorithms.

Although not all AI roles need to work with neural networks, it is important to understand the processes behind them and why they are important.

Deep learning is a subfield of AI that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It involves the use of neural networks to learn from vast amounts of data and make predictions. Proficiency in Deep Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch will be in high demand.

Data Analytics and Big Query are fast becoming skills that add a lot of heft to one’s credentials. As data analysis plays a crucial role in business decisions, various technologies are adopted by the organisations to enable data driven decisions.

Another popular and tremendously useful skill to have is Data Visualization, which literally means the ability to visualise and present to stakeholders through graphs and charts the data that has been analysed thoroughly.

There is also a growing demand for Data Engineers who curate information for operational use.

They also make predictions based on market research data, competitor behaviour trends and other tech innovations. Data engineers also have the ability to design, manage and optimize the flow of data with those databases throughout the organisation.

Businesses across the globe are using AI to create machines like robots that carry out complex tasks just like humans. Thus, apart from technical skills, AI professionals must have the right mindset, attitude and knowledge to be successful in the industry, with a few soft skills as well.


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In-Demand Soft Skills

Think Critically and Act Smart – Instead of taking the requirements on an as is basis, one should be able to identify the mistakes, think critically and seek answers to improve the working. This helps not only in managing the projects but also the project teams and developers.

In addition to specialised AI abilities, individuals seeking to boost their careers should also possess strong soft skills, as outlined below.

Curiosity and Creativity – Explore and apply creative ideas to the tools and techniques available to achieve the desired outcome.

Team Work, Communication & Coordination – AI professionals should have a flair for carrying out team discussions, communication with senior management and proper coordination within teams with confidence, convincing them to align with the ideas presented.

The transformation from traditional to digital in today’s business world has created a number of promising AI careers for those with a bachelor’s degree in computer science:

  • ML Engineer – Part of the software engineering team but using their coding and programming skills to collect, process, and analyse data.
  • Robotic Scientist – A robotic scientist designs, develops, and implements robots and robotic systems for various applications.
  • Data Scientist – Analytical experts who pull data and interpret it to solve complex problems.
  • Research Scientist – A research scientist is an expert in a wide range of AI disciplines, including machine learning, computer statistics and applied mathematics.
  • BI Developer – Business Intelligence Developers are in high demand to analyse the complex data and market trends and increase the revenue models of the organisation.


Final Takeaways  

In conclusion, the AI industry is rapidly evolving and to stay ahead of the curve, it is important to possess the latest AI skills.

The skills mentioned in this article, such as machine learning, deep learning, and data visualization, are in high demand and will continue to be so in 2023 and beyond.

By obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer science, individuals can increase their chances of success in the AI field by acquiring the necessary skills.