8 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Take Foundation in Science

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Have you just completed your secondary school education? And, have you sat for your SPM or O-Level examinations? If you have, congratulations! It means you’re ready to move to the next level of your education.

If you desire to achieve a bachelor’s degree in a science field, you may require a pre-university qualification to gain admission into your chosen university.

In this blog post, we will explain eight reasons why you should take a foundation in science programme in Malaysia.


What is ‘Foundation in Science’?

Foundation in Science is a pre-university programme in Malaysia that equips you with the necessary education and skills to study a science-related undergraduate degree.

The programme focuses on subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. English language could be included as one of the subject to make up the core subjects.


Benefits of Taking Foundation in Science Programme in Malaysia

1. Offers a head start to your degree

Taking up a foundation in science programme in Malaysia, you will be equipped with the basic knowledge of your chosen science field. The programme emphasizes on specialised subjects that positions you to succeed in acquiring your degree.

Some Malaysian universities offer both core and elective subjects; therefore, you can explore different topics during your foundation year.


2. A smooth transition towards your degree

Since the foundation in science is designed in a way that the same university offers the undergraduate degree, there will be a seamless transition into your preferred degree programme.

The advantage is that you will become familiar with the school environment and the method of teaching.

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3. Offers the quickest path to enter a science-related degree programme

Most universities in Malaysia provide the foundation in science courses for 12 months (one year). After which the students are tested. If they meet the university’s requirements, they can gain direct admission to study a science-related undergraduate programme.

This path is faster compared to students who take A-Levels or STPM examinations to gain admission.


4. Better scholarships and affordable fees

When compared to A-Levels, you may discover that some universities provide a more generous scholarship programme for their foundation courses.

Some universities also offer discounts for both your foundation and degree programme based on your SPM results.


5. Low failure rate

The foundation in science test or examination is set and managed by the provider university as opposed to the A-Levels examination, which is set and marked by the Cambridge International Examinations body.

Students who didn’t perform well in A-Levels tend to perform exceptionally well in foundation courses since they focus more on the subjects they are interested in.

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6. Improves your command of the English language 

Most universities often incorporate the English language in their foundation studies to prepare the students with the level of English needed to complete assessments.

Students are also offered the option to complete an intensive English programme as part of the preparation. This can benefit students who aren’t well-grounded with English proficiency.


7. Improved Skills and Confidence 

Twelve months of foundation studies provide the students with an opportunity to develop tertiary education skills in their desired fields.

During this time, students will learn to complete assessment tasks and apply their specialised knowledge directly in their undergraduate degree.

Students who complete a foundation in science programme in Malaysia are more likely to adapt and cope better in their first year of tertiary education.


8. Tailored to your needs

Even though most foundation programmes are designed for 12 months, some courses can be lengthened to provide adequate knowledge or accelerated for fast learners.

Some schools will even allow students to enter at different times of the year. This advantage may not apply to all universities. Therefore, contact the university to find out what they offer.

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A solid foundation in science is vital for your advancement and success in your desired science field.

If you’re convinced that a science foundation is what you need, check out AIMST University to pursue your foundation in science programme in Malaysia to continue your education. For more information, visit Contact Us.