Steps to Becoming a Registered Nurse

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Before you become a registered nurse in Malaysia, you must have completed your SPM or an equivalent qualification. Also, you probably would need to go through a pre-university course like STPM, A-Level, or a Foundation in Science. Preferably, you can also take up a Diploma in Nursing course.

When you complete a pre-university programme like a Diploma or Foundation in Science, you can proceed to a Degree in Nursing (Bachelor of Nursing). When you complete the degree, you need to register with the Nursing Board before you can practice as a registered nurse.

Now, let’s break the above information into steps and details.



Step 1:  Complete an Accredited Nursing Programme

To become a registered nurse in Malaysia, you must graduate from an accredited nursing course at the university. Your options include nursing diplomas, associate degrees, or a bachelor’s degree.

An associate degree would take two years to acquire. A bachelor’s degree would take four years to complete, or two years for students in an associate to bachelor’s registered nurse programme.


Step 2: Sit for and Pass the Malaysian Nursing Board Exam

To become a registered nurse, you must sit for and pass the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination. The examination is conducted by the board to recognise future nurses who have completed their programme at the university. The exam is done ten times a year.

Nursing students who intend to take the exam must complete the application form two months before the exam date. The results are usually notified as pass or fail, with the passing mark being between 50% and 100%. Students who fail the exam are allowed to repeat the exam three times only.

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Step 3: Register with the Malaysian Nursing Board

The Nursing Board was created to protect the health and welfare of patients by assuring that only licensed nurses are rendering competent and safe nursing care. This is achieved by defining and outlining the standards for safe nursing care and issuing licenses to practise nursing.

The Malaysian Nursing Board (MNB) was established to align with The Nurses Act, and the Nurses Registration Ordinance was enacted to control the practice of nursing.

Therefore, the MNB is responsible for the registration of all categories of nurses that trained locally and overseas. Student nurses who pass the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination can visit the board to register with the Board.


Step 4: Get Your Annual Practising Certificate (APC)

As proof of completing the requirements needed to become a full-fledged nurse, you must get your Annual Practising Certificate (APC) from the Nursing Council.

The Malaysian Nursing Council is expected to define practising, to determine whether a nurse has attained the required standard of continuing competence and whether a nurse has qualified to receive a practising certificate.

As soon as you have completed your application for your APC, having fulfilled every other requirement, and made the necessary payment, you will be issued your Annual Practising Certificate, and your details will show on the Register of Practising Nurses in Malaysia.

In completing the four steps, you are officially a Registered Nurse in Malaysia and can practice in hospitals, clinics, schools, government organisations, nursing homes, etc.

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The Bottom Line

As a registered nurse, if you decide to become an advanced practice registered nurse and specialise in your knowledge, you will need a Master’s Degree.

After you acquire your Master’s Degree, you can apply for roles as a certified nurse specialist, nurse anaesthetists, nurse practitioner, and nurse-midwives.

Nurses who want to advance further can choose to enter a doctoral programme. DNP or PhD programmes are perfect for those intending to work as scientific researchers or university professors in nursing sciences.

Lastly, registered nurses can also undertake further certifications in areas like critical care, acute care, or nursing management. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our professional counsellors.

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