The First Aid Workshop hosted by the Faculty of Pharmacy (FOP) achieved remarkable success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Pharmaceutical Society of AIMST (PharmSA) and St. John Ambulance Malaysia- Kawasan Kedah Tengah (SJAM).

Held on 6 January 2024, from 9 am to 4 pm, the workshop, led by PharmSA Advisor Ms. Thanapakiam Ganeson and Deputy Dean of Academic and International Affairs, was a beacon of empowerment for participants.

Graced by the presence of FOP Dean Prof. Dr. Nahlah Elkudssiah Ismail, PharmSA advisors (Ms. Thanapakiam and Ms. Ng Jing), and St. John Ambulance members, the workshop aimed to equip pharmacy students with essential first aid skills to excel as frontliners. The event featured informative talks on first aid, followed by hands-on training in CPR, Choking First Aid, and Bandaging Techniques.

The workshop’s impact transcended theoretical knowledge, as participants demonstrated their newfound skills in real-life scenarios, showcasing their ability to confidently aid and make a difference in their communities.

Beyond the practical skills acquired, the workshop fostered a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences among participants. The connections formed extend beyond the classroom, creating a supportive network dedicated to community well-being.

Kudos to our dedicated pharmacy students for orchestrating this triumph! Their commitment is shaping a healthier and more prepared future for all.