9 In-demand Engineering Job Opportunities in the Future

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Engineers turn the theoretical aspects of study into something practical. They take the discoveries of physical sciences and turn that into something tangible. Engineers contribute a significant quota in making civilization possible.

This is why engineering job have always been and will continue to be in-demand in Malaysia and other parts of the globe.

However, some engineering industries will have higher demand in the future compared to others.

Here are nine in-demand engineering job opportunities for the future.


  1. Automation and Robotics Engineering

With the constant push for automation in different industries, there’s more and more demand for automation and robotics. Robotic systems have evolved in the past decade and gone beyond carrying out simple repetitive tasks.

Robotics engineers help to design, test, and develop robots for diverse tasks and applications. Robotic engineers are usually mechanical, electronics, or mechatronics engineers.


  1. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are responsible for building the structures we see around and this is going to continue for a long time as there’s always a need to build, renovate and maintain houses, roads, bridges, and other structures.

Subcategories of civil engineering include other fields like structural engineering, environmental engineering, and transportation engineering.


  1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical engineering is another field that has shown tremendous growth in past years and will continue to grow as generations come and go! Electrical and electronic engineers are needed in almost every industry, including petroleum, telecom, hospitals, etc.

Because electrical engineering is a fairly broad field with many possible specializations, it will remain in high demand for hundreds of years to come.

Students can make a good career in this field with a diploma in electrical and electronic engineering in Malaysia or with similar advance degrees.


  1. Alternative Energy Engineering

In recent years, there’s been a growing demand for renewable/alternative energy across the globe. Government policies are boosting this market, making the demand for things like solar and wind energy rise at a steady rate.

Therefore, energy engineers will continue to be in-demand as the world continues to combat global warming.

There are also job opportunities to become a Photovoltaic Installers.

Engineers in this field assemble, install, and maintain solar panel setups of both individual and commercial owners.

With the governments of the world under pressure to reduce their carbon emissions, which has led to global warming, the demand for photovoltaic installers will continue to grow.

Students will need a degree such as a Bachelor or Diploma in Mechanical or Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a master degree in Energy Engineering to qualify to be an alternative/renewable energy engineer.

one female and male doing inspection at solar panels plants

  1. Mining Engineering

Everything that has ever been built, and ever will be built, requires raw materials. This automatically makes mining engineers very important to humanity.

Mining engineers are responsible for designing open pit and underground mines and also supervise the mining operation and construction. Engineers in this field are also involved in the design of processing and the transportation of the raw materials.


  1. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers deploy their knowledge to solve challenges in the production of fuels, medical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries. There’s always a demand for chemical engineers in the manufacturing and food production industry — to maintain and improve production rates and reduce waste.

With developments in nanotechnology, alternative/renewable energy, and biotechnology, the demand for chemical engineers continues to skyrocket as they’re needed to serve businesses of this nature.


  1. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering has been in demand for decades and will continue to be because there will always be a need for oil and other petroleum-based products.

Even with the push for electric vehicles and clean energy sources, oil is still valued highly because it’s still needed across different industries.

Therefore, until there’s a complete switch to a cleaner source of energy, petroleum engineers will always be needed — which is unlikely to happen over the coming decades.


  1. Software Engineering

Software engineering has been on the upward trend for the past few decades, and there is no sign of slowing down. As more people rely on smart devices, the demand for software engineers will only increase.

Software engineers are professionals in computer science who use their knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to develop software, computer games, and run network control systems.


  1. Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering

Engineers in this field apply engineering principles in the areas of biology and health care. Bioengineers work with doctors, researchers, and other medics to develop equipment and devices to solve health problems.

Bioengineers have invented different life-enhancing and life-saving technologies such as prosthetics, artificial organs, implants, etc.

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As explained above, you can see that there are numerous opportunities in different engineering fields that will continue to grow in the future. There’s also a possibility that an engineer in a particular field will be employed to work in other engineering fields.

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