7 Everyday Uses of Biotechnology

biotechnology lab work

Biotechnology is one of the most promising industries globally, making Biotechnology graduates highly sought after in the job market. In fact, graduates with a Bachelor of Biotechnology degree are able to address the issues that we face today, such as feeding the growing population and providing an alternative to scarce natural resources.

The concept of biotechnology is not new to our world. It has existed for hundreds of years. The commercial application of biotechnology can be seen in everyday products like bread, beer, cheese, wine, and yogurt.

In addition, biotechnology helps to produce medical diagnostic tests that are able to detect diseases early for a successful treatment. Even home pregnancy test kits are biotechnological products. One way or another, all of us make use of biotechnological products in our everyday lives.

Below are the uses of biotechnology in our everyday lives.


1. Safer and Healthier Food

Today, as obesity is rising, biotechnology helps to create healthier oils from soybeans, canola, and sunflowers. The oils made from these products are free from the trans-fat responsible for increased cholesterol levels and heart diseases.

Biotechnology has also helped to make the meat we eat every day safer through improvements in animal health and monitoring of the food supply chain. Biotechnological products can help ensure safe and sustainable food, from farm to the fork.


2. Pharmaceuticals

Biotechnology has made a significant impact on the medical industry over the past years. Biotechnology has been used to develop new pharmaceutical products that are safer, more effective and cost-effective.

Some popular biotech pharmaceuticals include Remicade, Rituxan, Prevarn, and Avastin.


3. Fabrics

Only a handful of people give fabrics a second thought, except to check how the material would rub against the skin. Interestingly, most fabrics are now dyed through a fermentation vat process.

Biochemicals are used in the production of dyes, polyester, and nylon. Biotechnology is involved in every piece of clothing we wear every day.


Scientist holding corn cob

4. Biodiesel

Although biodiesel is not so popular yet, some industries are using it. Also, it offers many benefits for the future. Biodiesel reduces carbon impact, which is crucial to a cleaner and greener future.

Biodiesels are produced from plant-derived sugars that are fermented using biotechnology to create ethanol.


5. Alcohol

Most of us don’t know how alcohol (beer) is produced. In fact, the production process of alcohol is purely industrial biotechnology in action.

The process involves converting the starch in the barley to sugar and yeast fermentation. Both parts of the process are biotechnological processes.


6. Detergents

For over 30 years, enzymes have been used in many detergents since Novozymes introduced them.

The traditional use of enzymes in laundry detergents usually involved those that degrade proteins, causing stains like those found in grass stain, red wine, and soil. Lipases are also enzymes useful in dissolving fat stains and cleaning grease traps.


Bio enzymes leather


7. Leather

The processing of leather usually involved the use of harmful chemicals in the past. Today, enzyme technology has advanced so much that these toxic chemicals have been replaced to increase the speed and efficiency of the process.

Bio enzymes are now applied in the first step, where fat and hair are removed from the hides. These enzymes are also used in cleaning as well as keratin and pigment removal. The enzymes also help to enhance the softness of the hide.

With the use of certain enzymes, the leather is stabilized during the tanning process to prevent it from rotting.


In a Nutshell

The aforementioned shows the enormous benefits that biotechnology offers in our everyday lives. Directly or indirectly, biotechnology is changing the world as we know it.

There is no denying that biotechnology is one of the most promising technologies in the future. The world needs more biotech professionals to progress.

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