Post-Pandemic Business Ideas that You Can Consider Now

Business team discussing over business ideas

Although the effects of COVID-19, particularly on the corporate sector, could not have been expected, they have ‌been a tremendous learning opportunity, particularly for budding entrepreneurs.

Traditional physical establishments like restaurants, brick-and-mortar stores, and event services have been forced to find innovative solutions to stay afloat because of social distancing and remote work.

This has also created a wealth of opportunities for business owners to adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

Since entrepreneurs are, by nature, innovative, creative, and risk-takers, starting a company during or right after a pandemic is their forte. Some of them also complete a diploma in business to understand the business world.

Moreover, entrepreneurs can fill several niche markets or gaps in the digital market to take advantage of unmet consumer demand and put themselves in a good position in the competitive market.

For instance, if they have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, they can contribute to sectors such as banking, auditing, investment analysis, and management professions.

There are six core elements in business: vision, leadership, management and operations, marketing and sales, money, and culture. These form the core of any successful business today.

Here are some excellent ideas to consider, whether you’re starting your own business or updating the goods and services you presently provide to meet the needs of a shifting market.


1. Production of Handmade Items

E-commerce has always held a significant position in the economy. The pandemic demonstrated both the tenacity of online retailers and the desire of the public to purchase from small and local businesses.

Online storefronts are the best option for ambitious retailers of handcrafted goods like hand-knitted gloves, infused olive oil, and more.

Crafters and craftsmen have a special chance to gain a following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and transform their enthusiasm and expertise into a successful company on platforms like Etsy.


2. Dropshipping Business

Many people are using online shopping options to get easy access to goods and experience convenience. People no longer desire to visit a store, stand in line, and then commute home, just to buy a product.

Instead, they anticipate quickly receiving what they want after clicking a button. Dropshipping is a terrific method for profiting from this emerging retail trend. Dropshipping is a tried-and-true business strategy that thrives in any market.


Female seller scanning ecommerce shipping box in dropshipping warehouse


3. DIY Beauty Products

People learned to adapt by developing their beauty rituals under quarantine when hair and nail salons were closed during the Malaysian Movement Control (MCO).

Even when lockdowns have been eased, customers might still be more willing to experiment with novel beauty items while treating themselves at home.

Even after the pandemic is over, according to industry analysts, demand for goods that promote holistic well-being and self-care, such as facial creams, essential oils, and aromatherapy, will continue to be strong.


4. Commercial Cleaning Service

As cleaning and antibacterial goods flew off the shelves in 2020, demand for various corporate cleaning services surged more than ever.

Office buildings, restaurants, and other public facilities continue to rely on these service providers to maintain a clean environment and the security of their employees and patrons. With a higher demand, business owners can consider coming up with a service in this space.


5. Errand and Delivery Services

By 2023, online food delivery services are expected to grow by more than $104 billion, making on-demand delivery a very popular business.

Start your own independent courier business, deliver groceries and other necessities, and carry out other duties like collecting prescriptions.


Parcel delivery service


6. Transcription Service

Listening to voice recordings and turning them into written text is a unique business that has been around for a long time and continues to meet the needs of many businesses. Transcription services are an intriguing online industry primarily employed in the medical sector.

The best transcription services use high-quality transcriptions that have been checked by native English speakers for accuracy, spelling, punctuation, and data.

Aspired entrepreneurs with a good command of English can start off by taking up transcription work in a freelance setting and then explore options to create their own company.


Final Takeaways

A bachelor of marketing degree gives graduates the fundamental skills they need to compete in a range of in-demand professions in public and private contexts. These skills include marketing research, social media marketing, and advertising techniques.

You can kickstart anything in this new economic environment, from developing in-person interactions to utilizing internet trade.

The sky is the limit as long as you practise patience and perseverance. Earning a marketing degree or getting started with a foundation in business is definitely a good start.