Ms. Nyanamalar A/P Batumalai

Nyanamalar A/P Batumalai

AIMST Biotechnology programme is one of the best I would say. The lecturers are very dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable. They always present the best to the students. They are very friendly to the students which make us feel very comfortable to meet them anytime and clarify any doubts.
In terms of syllabus for the 3 years course, its compact and every important subjects are included. Recently, new subjects been added too, for instance, Intellectual Property which will be very beneficial to the students.
In terms of lab facilities, we are very lucky as we can access the lab anytime, sufficient equipments and facilities are there.
To conclude, AIMST Biotech Programme will be the best choice. If you are ready to succeed in your life, the Faculty is ready to make u a Biotechnologist. I am proud that I’m part of the AIMST Biotech family.