Foundation in Business Might Be the Best Option for You

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Most SPM school leavers often wonder if they should take a foundational course in business before they join a business degree program. Truthfully, numerous benefits come with doing a foundation in business in Malaysia.

Here’s everything you need to know about the foundation in the business course, as well as essential details you need to consider before you make the decision.


What is Foundation in Business?

A business degree covers diverse majors, including Finance, Accounting, Administration, Marketing, International Business, etc.

Therefore, a foundation in business focuses on business-related courses by emphasizing on the various majors in business.


The Structure of Foundation in Business

As opposed to how A-Level and other preparatory courses are administered, a foundation in business is conducted by the university.

The subjects offered by the university are business-related — revolving around topics like Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Business Mathematics, etc.

Some universities offer both core and electives, which means that you have the option of choosing your subjects. However, some universities offer only fixed subjects.

The assessment structure usually depends on the university offering the foundation courses. However, you should expect a combination of assignments, tests, and examinations.

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Why Would Foundation in Business Benefits You?

  1. Head start in Learning Business-related Subjects

In taking a foundation in a business course, it exposes you to diverse business topics like Accounting, Economics, and Marketing.

The exposure would help you when you have completed your foundation and need to make crucial decisions like choosing your business major.

With the many degrees surrounding business, a foundation in business in Malaysia will provide you with a good idea of what you will be learning during the main degree program.


  1. Proper Preparation for a Business Degree

Foundation in Business is organized to equip you with the vital knowledge and skills needed to earn a business degree.

Because of this, you will find it easy to transition into your business degree program, especially if you continue in the same school.

At some universities, you may have the advantage of lower entry requirements compared to other pre-university courses.


  1. The Quickest Way to Enter a Business-related Degree

Some foundation in business classes takes about 12 months to complete, which is a relatively quick way to gain admission into the university when compared to taking a preparatory course, such as A-Level. If you intend to complete your education faster, taking a foundation in the business course is the right way to go.

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So, who should enrol for a foundation in a business course?

These four categories of people should consider enrolling for a foundation in the business course:

  1. People who are confident they want to pursue a business-related degree
  2. Graduates of other courses who intend to pursue a business-related degree
  3. Students who want to get a head start in learning business-related subjects
  4. Students looking for a quick route to gain admission into the university and major in business.

The courses in the foundation in business are tailored to help you on a direct pathway to your choice of professional degree. Your development will be monitored via regular assessments and feedback.

When you attain the required grades needed to complete the program successfully, you can seamlessly progress into advanced learning and major in any of the branches of business. To obtain further information on the business foundation program, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly counsellors.